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Prospect Researcher enables you to get the company info, find decision makers at All Levels to obtain:

  • C-Level / VP / President/ Manager / Supervisor any title you specify;
  • Searches company website / company news / LinkedIn profiles / internet / your connections / other deep web sources for possible matches;
  • Provides closest match, if level specified is not available;
  • Researches for the latest possible data available on Internet;


Conversation starters to build Rapport by pointing you to the places on the Internet where you can get in-depth information about your prospect – from social sites, to press releases, videos, slide shares, financials, trends and more.

You’ll arm yourself with enough intel to instantly build rapport, the moment your prospect picks up the call.

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Prospect Researcher

Simply enter the respective details and press the ‘Get Info’ button.

ps. Please login into your Linkedin.com and Google accounts before you click Submit 🙂

pps. Enable pop-up’s in your browser.


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