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  • 3 reasons why you should WAIT before building a product—and what we do instead of jumping right in
  • How to “front-load” your work so that every hour you spend now saves you 10 hours of headache later
  • How to transform your high-level concepts & research into an organized “Playbook” of concrete, actionable tools

We have a high-level topic in mind and we’ve estimated its demand at a basic level We’ve started to immerse ourselves in our market (and we’ll continue to do so)

It would be tempting right now to dive straight into product creation. But we have a different approach that will ensure you’re much, much more profitable


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Front load the work!

FRONT-LOADING: Doing as much hard work as possible in advance so you can save yourself a disproportionate amount of time & effort later

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”- ABRAHAM LINCOLN

What front loading is?

Most people follow a “build it, then figure it out” model. But I recommend approaching this differently. By front-loading the work, you’ll get:

▶A full list of your market’s actual problems—with the exact words they use—before you ever started writing content

Relationships with bloggers, content prewritten, and guest posts lined up before you ever set up a website

An audience of eager buyers clamoring for your material before you ever build a product

 Bloggers: seeing things from their point of view. 


If I asked you these questions, would you know the answer? - Who’s my target audience?
- How am I going to attract them to my website?
- What will I sell them?


Based on your earlier research, create a list of the following items:

1. Potential audiences
2. Fishing holes
3. Burning pains
4. Crunchy solutions
5. Products to sell

Action Step:

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