Optimize Your Business Revenue Model


Here are the key takeaways for this section today.

There are two types of clients:

  1. The manager. Knows exactly what they need the healer to do and tells them.
  2. The non-manager. Has a general goal, but needs someone to step in and take the wheel.

You will have both managers and non-managers, the latter, you need to be prepared to take the lead.

Don’t assume clients will tell you what to do.

Key insight: Don’t make your client think.

If they have ideas, they will let you know.

But always have a list of ideas that you can suggest to them. They will love you -- and pay you -- for it.

You’ll also have more control over what and how much gets done.


It’s All About Deliverables


At the core of your service offering are your deliverables.

A deliverable is something that your client receives in return for their paying you.

A deliverable must:

  1. Be Concrete: E.g. A 60-minute counselling session to identify your own journey for personal transformation vs. simply “better understanding.”
  2. Be Specific: E.g. use numbers (Weekly 30-minute accountability calls to assess progress status and next steps).
  3. Deliver Value: A deliverable has to be valuable on its own. Tie it back to benefits.

Examples of deliverables:

  • Counselling program of four 1-hour sessions provide you personalized guidance that will shift you from where you are, to where you want to be.
  • Learn to meditate, receive your personal ‘Sound Meditation’ mantra, establish a fulfilling meditation practice and have the tools to create balance at home & work all year round.
  • 2 day personal retreat to go deeper with mind-body healing and experience emotional freedom.


Be Up-Sell Minded!

Deliverables provide value to your client, but they help you too!

Rule #2: Always be thinking about up-sells.

Once people have bought from you once, they’re much more likely to buy from you again.

You should be prepared with something bigger to offer your client sometime in the future.

Remember Rule #1: Deliverables - Deliver Value. A deliverable has to be valuable on its own.

Being in business is about relationships.

It’s always important to think about what you can offer your clients beyond what you’ve offered them in the first place.


Your Ladder of Deliverables

Think of a natural upward progression of deliverables, like steps in a ladder.

Step 1: Exploratory. E.g. a 60-minute counselling session to identify your deepest passions & your life’s purpose.

Step 2: Pre-program. E.g. a personal ‘Sound Meditation’ mantra

Step 3: Main Program E.g. Personal retreat to deepen awakening richness of your own internal life.

Step 4: Everything Else. E.g. bigger programs, retainers, jv, can be discussed. Clients will openly talk about bigger things once they like and trust.

Always be thinking about the ladder, even if your client isn’t yet.

If they know your solution is good, they’ll want to buy more when they are ready.

Action Step:

Define your deliverables.

Come up with as many things to offer as possible.[formidable id=14]
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  • Organize them into different levels or “steps” of the ladder, so that you can keep offering more and more services over time.
  • Do as many of these as possible on your own. Then if you need more ideas, check out the websites of a few other top healers in your field to see what they’re offering.
  • It can be uncomfortable  to see what other businesses are offering. Don’t get discouraged – you’re doing fine, and you’re not really competing with them in anyway.