Optimize Your Business Revenue Model


Here are the key takeaways for this section today.

You want to break down your revenue model. For a lot of us it’s very up in the air; we haven’t systematically broken down our revenue model. When you use the simple framework that I gave you, it becomes crystal clear on what you should and shouldn’t spend your time on.

It will take time to get these right, and we’re continuously working on improving them.

But when you can systematically work down them and say “What are my strategies?"

We already know, what are my tactics for each? I’m just going to work down each of them.

Take just one second.

Think about your business! 

What you took away just now in terms of A.O.V. and purchase frequency.


Remember this: these are things you could offer, but you need to offer what your client wants.

Does your client actually want, for example, to pay for a higher tier or lower tier?

Is that something they actually want? Yes, that is a possibility, and you should write down all the possibilities, and then you should go to your clients and start doing some research.

What would make this more valuable for the Client?

Or, just look.

Look at your business process.

What is it that the Client is asking for?

The solution/program is brilliant. They definitely want that.

Would the Client want to be able to pay a little bit more or perhaps reposition, get a discount for working with an associate level healer (your student)? Perhaps!

Don’t just come up with serious offerings, and then go out there to the market and get disappointed when it doesn’t work.

These numbers work when the client wants it. If the client doesn’t want it, none of this matters. Okay?

It should all be focused around what the Client want. If you do know what the Client want and you’ve thought through the business aspect, your business will sky rocket.


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