Psychology of Business Growth


We all know marketing needs to be done, but we don't have time.
We actually know. But we just dont do it.

  • The big gains come from Marketing Strategy
  • As your business grows, your marketing needs to grow with it
  • Doing everything isnt viable to continually create value, you need powerful systems

Partially, to help you get through the psychological barrier.

As you move along, as you go from where you are now to doubling your revenue, to tripling your revenue, doubling your clients, operating a total different way; this psychological mindset material will become increasingly useful.

I'm not saying that money is the primary goal, because I believe Money is a byproduct of offering value.

It is not just about money, its about value.

The more value you render to others, the more value you generate, not for yourself, but for your clients, the more contribution you make to the richness of their lives, the more success, the more bonded you will be to them and they to you.

It has everything to do with your bringing enhanced advantage, protection, benefit, richness of life or business, to a client.

Turn one-offs into systematic deliverables, systematic activities.
Such that, During a sales meetings, what appears to be a one-on meeting, is actually part of a system.

Really, were just being really methodical about what we do. No secrets. Nobig changes.
Just being methodically getting better at the important things for our business.

That's it.

Whats important could be writing better emails to clients,

connecting on better topics, understanding them better,

and then communicating that;